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Feed the Fish - 1st Grade Math from Heather Reinbrecht
This VoiceThread is a great example of using technology to get children interested in a math lesson.
7th graders practice Math in Action from Ms Redd
VoiceThread showcases this great example of Math in Action. My students love the idea that they can comment on a video featuring one of their teachers and it feels like they aren't even doing math!!
7th Grade - Exploring Probability from Britt Gow
Students from two countries were able to comment on the slides which show images of probability problems. My students enjoyed this exercise and another teacher has used it in her class to extend each of the problems.
7th Grade - Measurement from Britt Gow
Year 7 students from Hawkesdale P12 college were able to share their knowledge with Grade 5/6 students from a Ballarat Primary School about measurement and ratio. Students were required to articulate their thinking...
Higher Ed teaching with technology from Ellen Dobson
This VoiceThread, entitled "Surfometry," was created by a student-teacher as an assignment for a "Computers in Education" course. The creator incorporated images, video and graphics into an engaging geometry lesson.